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Become a protagonist of the European Parliament

Start date: 06.07.2020
End date: 09.07.2020

Duration: 4 days

What it is about

The Online Model EU is a fully remote role-playing simulation of European politics which provides its participants with an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of the European Parliament’s role and functioning.

It is organised by the Eastwest European Institute (EWEI) with the support of the Associazioni Diplomatici, two Italian organisations specialised in learning-by-doing trainings in the field of international politics.


The Online Model EU 2020 will be based on real works and debates held recently in the European parliament on the topic of the current world pandemic.

The highly topical theme will be able to develop an up to date understanding of the internal dynamics at the European  Parliament on the issue and of the current challenges the European Union is facing in the field.

Training course

In order to become a real e-MEP (e-Member of the European Parliament), you will be able to follow our online course, held in English. The course consists of 4 online webinars and offers a general overview of the  role and structure of the European Union together with a training on the technical aspects of the simulation, providing the knowledge and skills needed to successfully join this experience.

EWEI will also make available its specially designed online training platform to the participants, with access to training and background materials to support their preparation.



Between the 06 and the 09 July, participants will gather through online tools to role-play the vote of a resolution of the European Parliament on Covid-19.

Participants will have to negotiate as a real member of parliament to get consensus both within their political groups and between groups, and get their project of resolution approved. Remote activities are guaranteed by the joint use of Facebook® groups and Zoom®, two powerful tools that let you experience a fun and highly interactive virtual experience.

Special guests will join the simulation. President David Sassoli, incumbent president of the European Parliament will address the students during the Opening Ceremony on 6 July. Professor Enrico Letta, former Italian prime minister and president of the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris will in turn contribute to the Closing Ceremony on 9 July.

Participation fee

Participation fees is 150 € + 22% VAT and provides for:

● Model EU Virtual Edition registration fees
● Access to the EWEI E-learning Platform
● Access to the webinars with the EWEI tutors
● Access to the simulation tools
● Model EU E-Certificate of attendance
● Customer service


The Model EU Online is completely free for students enrolled in the Model EU 2020, Brussels edition. If you choose to participate in one of the upcoming, onsite Model EU, the amount paid for the Model EU Online is automatically deducted from the registration fee.

Selection procedure

The objective of our project is to involve prepared and motivated students who wants to join the debate on the relaunch of the European project. For this reason the selection process for participants goes through a special procedure and only those considered eligible will be invited to take part to the simulation.

  1. Fill in the online application form on the dedicated web page;
  2. Indicate your availability (date and time) to take the interview directly
    on the platform;
  3. Take the selection interview in English via Skype;
  4. If the outcome is positive, the candidate can proceed with the
    registration and payment of the participation fee for the project.





Formal requirements

The Model EU Virtual Edition is open to university level students as well as young professionals.

No language certification is requested  when registering to the Online Model EU, but it is good to keep in mind that the entire activity is held in English. It is therefore necessary to have written and oral interaction skills.


Technical requirements 

As the simulation is carried out remotely,  before registering it is necessary to check that you have an internet connection and one (or more) devices capable of supporting the functioning of the tools you will need to interact with us.
Minimum connection requirements & signal strength between 800kbps and 1.0Mbps
Recommended connection requirements & signal strength greater than or equal to 3.0 Mbps
Essential hardware: Desktop or notebook computer (Win or Mac) with webcam and microphone.
Additional hardware: 2018 Smartphone or tablet onwards (Android or IOs)
In order to be able to take part to all the debates, it will also be necessary to use/open a Facebook account.


Lorenzo Caltabiano

Utrecht University | Italy
Study Mission Istanbul

Cecilia Paone

Torvergata University - Rome | Italy
Study Mission Istanbul

Raffaella Novacco

Cesare Alfieri - Florence University | Italy
Study Mission Istanbul

Arianna Pepponi

Luiss Guido Carli University - Rome | Italy
Study Mission Qatar

Lucia - Costanza - Riccardo

Economic Diplomacy

Maria Dolores Schiavone

Study Mission Washington D.C.

Kalkidan Veronesi

Bocconi University - Milan | Italy
Economic Diplomacy
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