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Who we are

EWEI is a European think-tank based in Rome focused on training activities, consulting for business development and publishing.

Our aim

To connect people with the business and political world and open a productive debate among student, corporates, politicians and entrepreneurs.

Customize your experience

To connect people with the business and political world and open a productive debate among student, corporates, politicians and entrepreneurs.

Business Path

We designed this path for those who want to deeply understand the key to the success of the world’s most famous companies. Your students will have the chance to meet with top-level managers who will point them on the way to achieving their goals. Moreover, you will be able to discuss current essential issues of the corporate world and visit the company premises.

Political Path

This path is developed for those who want to understand how the decision-making process of a country truly works. During this international program, your students will have the chance to meet with ambassadors, ministers, and members of the most relevant international institutions to know how to become the leaders of the future! Furthermore, the students will experience a simulation of a diplomatic negotiation and decision-making process so that they may learn, through the learning-by-doing method, how the negotiations are conducted (optional).


Business + Politics

Politics and business are two subjects that often cannot be divided. This path is designed for those who want to take care of public relations within a company or vice versa. Thus, through this path, your students will meet politicians and top-level managers to discuss topics that the business and the political world have in common to learn about their importance and understanding of both realities.





Traveling in Brussels may be difficult for everyone. Therefore, we offer the possibility to organize a custom EU simulation for your students within your university. You can choose the topic and the type of material you want your students to produce.
During the simulation, the students will represent the members of the European Parliament or the Council of the EU and try to write an actual normative act. Thanks to our learning-by-doing method, your students will be able to improve their understanding of the world of European institutions.
Bef ore the simulation, our institute will provide the necessary webinars to explain the theoretical aspect of the European normative process and the European institutions. Furthermore, we will contact some experts who will discuss with your students the topic you chose (i.e. members of the European Parliament or other European institutions, diplomats, or managers).

Why us?

We have vast experience with
successful European Union legislative process simulations. Our knowledge of managing this kind of project makes us the perfect fit to help your students to get to know more about it.

Why a simulation?

We believe reading about the EU only in textbooks is not enough to understand the European institutional panorama. For this reason, we adopted this method for our intensive courses, always with excellent results.

Why a simulation of the EU?

The European Union is an actor that affects every country in different ways. Nowadays, every student interested in global politics or economy must know the complex mechanisms which requlate the EU.

How does a simulation work?

The students will have to cooperate and make coalitions taking into account their national and/or political group interests. At the end of the simulation, each bloc will produce a document and vote on it.

How long will it take?

You will choose the length of the
simulation. However, we suggest a minimum of two full days (from 10:00 to 17:00 ) and a maximum of one week