Eastwest European Institute

The Eastwest European Institute is an independent organization specialized in geopolitical analysis, organization of scientific events and training projects focused on international affairs and global dynamics, for students and professionals.

Who we are

Eastwest European Institute (EWEI) is the result of the merger between two success stories:

  • The established and innovative experience of Associazione Diplomatici, an NGO with special consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council, which has trained more than 30,000 students coming from more than 100 countries, since 2000 (www.diplomatici.it)
  • Eastwest magazine, since July 2004, is the only European geopolitical magazine distributed – in the English version – outside its country of production (www.eastwest.eu):
    23 countries for the printed edition. More than 50 countries for the online version (daily updated with articles and editorials)

What we do

Eastwest European Institute (EWEI) bases all its projects and activities on the anglo-american method of learning-by-doing.

Our activities: training, publishing, scientific events
Our challenge: more innovative, more influential, more international
Our goal: not to distribute dividends but to consolidate:

  • Independence and innovation
  • Sustainability and reputation
  • A fulfilling work environment for more than 200 professionals.

Scientific Committee

Provides guidelines for the activities of the eastwest European Institute, through bi-monthly meetings.
It is composed by leaders in the international political, economic and cultural world such as:

Giuseppe Scognamiglio

EWEI Chairman

Claudio Corbino


Romano Prodi

Honorary president

Enrico Giovannini

Scientific Committee President

Boris Tadic

eastwest ONLUS President

Salvatore Carrubba

Scientific Committee Vice-President

Giuliano Amato

Former Italian Prime Minister

Joschka Fischer

Former Foreign Minister and as Vice Chancellor of Germany

Javier Solana

Former European Union’s High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy

Aleksander Kwasniewski

Former President of Poland

Enrico Letta

Former Italian Prime Minister

Emma Bonino

Former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Luigi Di Maio

Former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Valentino Valentini

Deputy Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy

Angelino Alfano

Former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs


John Bolton

Former United States National Security Advisor

Igor Sergeevich Ivanov

Former Foreign Minister of Russia

Paola Severino

Former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Fabio Massimo Castaldo

Vice President of the European Parliament

Pier Carlo Padoan

Former Italy’s Minister of Economy Finances

Vincenzo Scotti

Former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Piero Fassino

Former Italian Minister of Justice

Paola Pisano

Former Minister for technological innovation and digital transition

Silvie Goulard

Deputy Governor of the Bank of France.

Virginia Raggi

Former Mayor of Rome

Donato Di Santo

Former Under-secretary for Foreign Affairs

Lapo Pistelli

Executive Chairman of ENI

Alessia Mosca

Former Member of the European Parliament

Brando Benifei

Member of the European Parliament

Reuben Abraham

Senior Advisor at SONG Investment Management Company

Mario Nava

EU Commission Director for Financial Services

Begümhan Dogan Faralyali

Chairwoman of Doğan Holding

Ali Y. Koç

Vice Chairman of Koç Holding A.Ş.

Christian Dargnat

BNP Paribas Asset Management CEO

Eric X. Li

Founder and Managing Director of Chengwei Capital

Myrta Merlino

Anchorwoman of LA7

Seyda Canepa

NTV News Channel Turkey

Gerardo Pelosi

Italian journalist

Danilo Taino

Italian writer

Giovanni Moro

President of Fondaca

Vincenzo Nigro

Diplomatic Editor at La Repubblica



eastwest, the most critical axis around which the current conflicts on the planet revolve, seen from a European and Mediterranean vantage point, an alternative to the prevailingly Anglo-American approach. With constant attention being paid to the relationship between politics, economics, finance, geography and society. In essence, a different take on geopolitics.

Associazione Diplomatici

Associazione Diplomatici è una ONG con status consultivo speciale presso il Consiglio Economico e Sociale delle Nazioni Unite. Dal 2000 ad oggi, attraverso una formazione complementare a quella scolastica e universitaria, ha preparato oltre 30.000 studenti di tutto il mondo sui temi dell’attualità e delle carriere internazionali i quali hanno poi preso parte ai Forum internazionali organizzati da AD alle Nazioni Unite o in altri contesti istituzionali in Italia e all’estero.

Edicola dei Mellini

The new Agorà in Rome for International Politics!
Former EU Commissioner Emma Bonino in our newsstand.
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