Summer Schools

Our "learning by doing" method allows students to develop transversal skills which are essential today. Interacting with people from different countries and cultures, the students will deal with the main techniques of negotiation, research and analysis, problem solving, public speaking, team building. Added value, for personal growth, is the opportunity to meet face-to-face personalities that belong to the political, economic and academic, national or international, public and private world. By subscribing to one of our Summer Schools, students will have the opportunity to access the eastwest online database, the international politics and affairs magazine on newsstands every two months and online daily with articles written by journalists from all over the world. The best participants to each program can participate to the eastwest journalism challenge and compete for the publication of an article both on the paper and on the online version of the magazine.



Virtual Model EU

Virtual Model EU – November 2022

Start date: 21.11.2022
End date: 25.11.2022

Duration: 4 days

Study Mission Rome - October 2022

Study Mission Rome – October 2022

Start date: 24.10.2022
End date: 28.10.2022

Max Attendance: 150

Duration: 5 days

Model EU Conference – September 2022

Start date: 21.09.2022
End date: 23.09.2022

Duration: 3 days


Change The World Model United Nations (CWMUN) & Economic Diplomacy – NYC Summer Edition 2022

Start date: 23.07.2022
End date: 25.07.2022

Duration: 3 days

Turkey Relations - July 2022

Online Intensive Program EU – Turkey Relations – July 2022

Start date: 21.07.2022
End date: 01.08.2022

Duration: 8 days

Study Mission Istanbul

Study Mission Istanbul – July 2022

Start date: 17.07.2022
End date: 24.07.2022

Max Attendance: 35

Duration: 7 Days


Corso di Giornalismo e Workshop di Geopolitica

Start date: 30.05.2022
End date: 20.07.2022

Duration: 8 weeks

Study Mission Qatar - May 2022

Study Mission Qatar – May 2022

Start date: 14.05.2022
End date: 21.05.2022

Max Attendance: 35

Duration: 7 DAYS


Corso di preparazione al concorso per la carriera diplomatica – IV edizione

Inizio: 02.05.2022
Fine: 14.04.2023

Durata: 1 anno

Brussels - March 2022

Study Mission Brussels – March 2022

Start date: 14.03.2022
End date: 17.03.2022

Duration: 4 days

Study Missions Tunisi

Study Mission Tunisi – February 2022

Start date: 20.02.2022
End date: 27.02.2022

Max Attendance: 35

Duration: 7 days

Model EU Brusselles

Model EU Brusselles- February 2022

Start date: 14.02.2022
End date: 16.02.2022

Duration: 3 days

Study Mission Havana

Study Mission Havana – February 2022

Start date: 06.02.2022
End date: 13.02.2022

Max Attendance: 35

Duration: 7 Days