The involvement in and understanding of politics is what secures democracy.
Therefore, to be involved in a program such as the MEU that the EWEI-Institute provided, was a
great way for me to learn about the procedures, tools and skills that are used and needed in
contemporary political decision-making.
Although I had no thorough understanding of the assignment beforehand, the modelation proved to be a great opportunity to take a look into the actual procedures of the European Parliament.
Being assigned the role of a Member of the Parliament allowed me to experience the challenge of
defining your ideals, arguing for that position and eventually deciding on how to cooperate with others – as I got to know these aspects, I now feel confident about expressing, presenting and
defending my political opinion in front of other professionals.
If you are interested in politics, but are afraid of what seems to be so complicated; Don’t hesitate!
A MEU is the best way to prepare yourself for actual political involvement and debates, whilst
being surrounded and accompanied by lovely, likely-minded students and post-graduates.
In conclusion I would say that MEU not only gave me a deeper knowledge about politics, but also
the possibility to connect with young europeans, establishing a network of support and learning
through each other’s experiences.
After all, at the moment of participating, I was only a high-school student, which made it even greater, to get to learn and know how I can, now and in the future, help to secure democracy.