Model European Union

European Committee of the Regions

Brussels, June 5-7, 2023

To be protagonists in the decision-making processes of the Council and the European Parliament

eastwest Model European Union

What is it about

The Model EU Brussels is sponsored by the Eastwest European Institute, in partnership with Associazione Diplomatici.

It is aimed at university students and recent graduates who are invited to rethink the concept of Europe by proposing and discussing their ideas and solutions to current issues.

In Brussels, each participant will be asked to represent a Member of Parliament or assume the role of a minister of the Council of the EU to confront other students on the EU agenda and draft legislative proposals on issues related to new European climate policies and relevant topics.

The aim is to support the formation of a European ruling class of the future through a transnational project of high technical level, leading to the creation of a network of young professionals. At the same time, we want to motivate the new generations towards an active and responsible European citizenship.

"Climate change and the current geopolitical scenario"

Brussels, June 5 - 7, 2023

Model EU activities

On June 5, 6 and 7, simulations of the European institutions will be held at the offices of the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels. The aim is to provide students with a complete knowledge of the decision-making process within the European Union.

During the simulation, each bloc (EU Parliament and Council of the EU) will hold consultations and vote on a document (amendments to an official draft of a normative act, a set of conclusions, a resolution, etc.). The voting procedure will follow the real process within the European institutions.

Students will be able to live a real experience by taking part in the simulation in the rooms of the real European Institution! 

European Parliament

The Closing Ceremony of the Model EU will take place at the European Parliament during which students will meet the member of the S&D group Pedro Marques.

Training course

In the weeks preceding the simulation, the delegates will take part in a training course held online through an e-learning platform. In particular, they will take part in a series of meetings held by experts, journalists from the eastwest magazine and diplomats.

The course will provide a complete understanding of the policies adopted by the Member States and the political parties and thus be ready to put into practice the knowledge acquired.

How to participate

To take part in the Model EU, fill in the form on this page and indicate your availability (date & time) to take the interview via Skype. Participation in the interview is free of charge. 

The outcome of the interview will be communicated within 48 hours via email. If the outcome is positive, the candidate can proceed with the registration and payment.  




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