Former President E. Letta at the closing ceremony of Model EU online edition


As the Online Model EU came to an end with its participants successfully voting a resolution on the EU’s coordinated action against Covid-19 and its consequences, President Letta delivered thought-provoking closing remarks on the current state of EU affairs. Comparing the current EU reaction to the one which occurred a decade ago over the financial crisis, President Letta shared his optimism that the timing, the focus, the resources and the method of the coordinated answer will this time allow the EU to cope with current challenges. He also strongly recommended that young people interested in the future of the European project closely follow the works of the Conference of the Future of Europe, a suggestion EWEI supports with conviction as the next EU-related events will be organized in relation to this pan-European democratic exercise.

In the closing cerimony, join one of our EU training projects for the year 2020-2021:

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