The main objective of eastwest Onlus is to form, promote and support the personal growth and professional ambitions of young people through dialogue with the main European Institutions, International Organizations and with local entities in order to promote socio-cultural and service opportunities.

The Association promotes, protects and supports sustainable development and planning, the sustainability of the economic and financial system and international regulation, the debate on climate change and environmental sustainability and the balance between protecting public health and protecting the economic production system.

The Association is committed to promoting these goals both in a global direction and through dialogue with local communities. On a global level, eastwest Onlus intends to develop a privileged dialogue with the United Nations system and with the European Union Institutions, relying on the educational and informative vocation that it collects from the twenty-year history of the magazine eastwest, with whose educational activities it is connected.

eastwest Onlus collaborates with Eastwest European Institute in organizing simulations of the EU decision-making process for those students who attend theoretical Model EU Brussels course, providing them with an experience to take over the roles of members of EU institutions.