CWMUN 2022



On the occasion of CWMUN 2022 project, our president Giuseppe Scognamiglio was in New York City with 3,000 students ?
After these years of pandemic, New York City has its signs on his streets, however everyday life goes on and our president was happy to see the young students start traveling again.

A special guest of CWMUN for the opening ceremony was Andriy Shevchenko.

He gave an emotional speech on the current conflict in Ukraine, asking for help from the European Union and the international community, and his words were followed by the supportive applause of all the people who listened to him.

Another special guest on CWMUN2022 was Bill Clinton.
In his speech he addressed several issues including the problems between West and East America that can no longer be ignored. He later referred to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, showing support to the Ukrainian population by urging them to help this nation, providing support to families by making sure they have everything they need to protect themselves. Another problem that Clinton has touched on is climate change, giving some examples of how to help the environment, how to clean up the heavy electricity we have, to change the whole environment, and doing so would create more jobs. He believes we need to create a world where people can have honest disagreements but focus on a common goal.