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WIP Study Mission Washington

The Study Missions are part of an innovative training format designed to offer to university students the unique opportunity to deal with today’s most pressing challenges in international relations, going beyond what they have been learning during their academic career.

Start date: 16.07.2019
End date: 20.07.2019

Duration: 5 days

Why Washington

Headquarter of Government Institutions, pulsing heart of American politics, the capital city of United States is the place where main American governance guidelines and, more widely, global frameworks and scenarios, are determined.

Core of international financial institutions, the city is also of pivotal relevance in defining world’s economic policies.

Also considered the ultimate international capital city, Washington boasts the broadest concentration of institutions, international organizations, analysis and research centers, hence it is a reference point for studying and investigate the main international relations issues.


The Study Mission Washington project represents the linchpin of the training program and educational path of the Study Mission, because of its importance as a headquarter and for its implications in the definition of today’s international relations and policies.

The latter also due to the election of President Donald Trump, and related outcomes.

The education program and the field-visits to the several international organizations and institutions reach their goal in providing the students a complete outlet of the scenarios and the more likely future assets of the international politics.

Last but not least, the importance of visiting and connecting concretely to the places in where are drawn the fundamental economic and financial policies destined to affect the entire global environment.

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