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Study Mission Washington D.C.

The WiP – Study Missions are part of an innovative training format designed to offer to university students the unique opportunity to deal with today’s most pressing challenges in international relations, going beyond what they have been learning during their academic career.

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Headquarter of Government Institutions, pulsing heart of American politics, the capital city of United States is the place where main American governance decisions and global guidances are determined.

Core of international financial institutions, the city is also of pivotal relevance in defining world’s economic policies.

Also considered the ultimate international capital city, Washington boasts the broadest concentration of institutions, international organizations, analysis and research centers.

The WiP Study Mission Washington D.C. is addressed to university students and young professionals who want to examine the current politics and the constitutional system of the United States in depth.

The twofold objective is, on one side, to analyze from the inside the system of «Checks and Balances» between the legislative and the executive branches, which constitute the heart of the U.S. democracy. To do so, the participants will be immersed in 5 days of visits and meetings.

On the other, the stay in Washington D.C. will offer the chance to penetrate the global guidelines that the multilateral Organizations set up.

Thanks to the online courses and the individual preparation, the participants will approach the meetings in Washington D.C. with the proper analytical instruments to identify the structural functioning of the U.S. democracy and its critical elements.

The structure of the WiP – Study Mission is divided into three parts:

  • A webinar course held by experts, specialized in U.S. studies, organized in 4 lessons between May 15 and June 15, with special focus on U.S. history, constitutional system and current internal & foreign affairs.


  • In Washington, 5 days of meetings with Institutions (international and American), diplomats, and opinion makers.


  • Site-visits to historically and politically important buildings.

For more informations please download the brochure


n.b. the agenda may change according to variations communicated by speakers or by the involved institutions


Date: July 16 – 20, 2019                             

The cost includes:

  •  online preparation course
  •  4 nights in hotel (Washington D.C.)
  •  all meetings and activities listed in the itinerary
  •  training material
  •  certificate of participation

The cost DOES NOT include:

  •  Meals and travel expenses to Washington D.C.
  •  Museum fees
  •  Airport-hotel and short city transfers

Date: 16 – 27 July 2019                             Cost: 2.900€

The offer is dedicated to those who want to combine the WiP Study Mission Washington D.C. with the Economic Diplomacy project, taking place in New York City in the following days.

The participants will spend 12 days in the United States, first in Washington D.C., for a full immersion in the American constitutional system and then in New York City, where they will spend the first 3 days exploring the city, before starting all the activities planned within the Economic Diplomacy project.

The cost includes:

  •  online preparation course
  •  4 nights in hotel (Washington D.C.)
  •  project activities
  •  training material
  •  certificate of participation
  •  all the activities listed on Economic Diplomacy – option 3 (see dedicated web pages)

The cost DOES NOT includes:

  • Meals and all travel expenses
  • Museum fees
  • Airport-hotel and short city transfers

The goal of eastwest European Institute is to involve students, selected on merit, providing them with specialized training, finalized to a career in diplomacy, international affairs, advocacy and international business.

EWEI offers scholarship credit incentives to the most competitive participants of the WiP – Study Mission Washington program.

Scholarship credits will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Previous participation to an EWEI or Associazione Diplomatici course;
  • University grade point average of 27/30 or equivalent;
  • Interview on general knowledge of International relations;
  • English language at C1 level;
  • Single – income family (self-declaration).

Within 48 hours from the interview, candidates who pass this phase of the application process will receive:

  • confirmation of the success of their application,
  • indication of the monetary value of any scholarship credit awarded (from 5% to a maximum of 35  %),
  • additional instructions to complete the enrollment process.

To participate to the WiP – Study Mission, candidates must successfully pass a selection interview. Selection criteria will include the candidate’s motivation to participate in the program, interest in international relations and a good level of English.

Interview results will be communicated to the applicants within 48 hours after the interview.

Candidates who successfully pass the interview will receive the WiP – Study Mission Service Contract via the email address indicated on their application form.

The WiP – Study Mission Service Contract, which shall be completed and signed by the selected party, must be returned within 72 hours of receipt, together with proof of payment by wire transfer of a €250,00 down payment to guarantee the participation.

This down payment of €250,00 will be subtracted from the balance still to be paid by the participant.

Wire transfers should be sent according to the following instructions:

  • Wires sent to:

           UNICREDIT Bank S.p.A. Account Number: IBAN IT 23 T 0200803292000104987144

  • Beneficiary: “EUROPEAN DIPLOMACY” (the operative company of the EWEI Institute)
  • Transfer Funds for: “First and Last Name of participant, Down payment WiP Washington 2019”
  • Proof of Wire Transfer sent to [email protected]

Participation requirements

  • Ongoing or completed university studies
  • B2 English level

Selection procedure

in order to take part in the project, candidates need to pass a selection procedure, wich consists of the following steps:

  •  online pre-registration
  •  skype interview to be booked on a dedicated software
  •  reception of an e-mail with the outcome of the interview and – if applicable –  indication of the scholarship assigned
  •  payment of the participation fee





For additional information about Study Mission Washington and how to participate, contact:

Email: [email protected]

Phone (+39) 06 811 57 586

Web: www.ew-ei.eu


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