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Study Mission Tunisi – February 2022

The Study Missions are part of an innovative training format designed to offer to university students the unique opportunity to deal with today’s most pressing challenges in international relations, going beyond what they have been learning during their academic career.

Why Tunis?



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Tunisia is one of the most progressive countries of North Africa and one of the best examples of democratic development in the Middle East. Soon after it had gained independence from French domination, in 1956, it has established a women’s right regime that is unmatched by any other Arabic countries.

In its recent history, Tunisia had to face not only high unemployment rates, widespread corruption and poverty, but increasing food prices as well. The situation swiftly deteriorated following the 2008 global financial crisis, which culminated in street protests. In December 2010, the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi sparked the so-called Jasmine Revolution, which was the starting point of a series of protests in the Middle East that radically altered the geopolitical landscape of the entire region: the “Arab Spring”.

Tunisia, unlike several other countries of the region, avoided political and economic chaos, and has shown progress in democratization by the ratification of the new constitution in 2014.

The recent elections of 2019 might be one of the most important milestones in the life of the North African nation. The country remains in a geopolitically sensitive area, bordering with the chaotic Libya, and Algeria, a country with plenty of hidden political and economic tensions. The fragile democracy of the country needs to find a way to attract foreign investments and to further boost the two key industries of the country: textile exports and tourism.

The Study Mission project will help students to understand the importance of strategic partnership between Europe and Tunisia and will orient participants on controversial topics: migration, terrorism, financial crisis.

The stay in Tunis will also be a unique opportunity to interact with the nation’s ruling class.

By the end of the program, students will have gained a deeper understanding of a key country in the Mediterranean area as well as what the further prospects of the country are, in light of the recent second elections under the new constitution.

Participants will discover in practice how dialogue and collaboration always constitute an asset: the economic and commercial partnership between the EU Countries and Tunisia makes this relationship inevitable and – students will realize – even indispensable.

The structure of the Study Mission is divided in 3 parts:

  •  a webinar course held by experts, specialized in Tunisian history, organized in 4 lessons with special focus on the current situation in Tunisia;
  •  in Tunis, 6 days of meetings with Institutions, diplomats, managers, professors and opinion makers;
  •  Simulation of Diplomatic negotiations on “The Future of  democracy in Tunisia”. Participants will represent Tunisia, Italy, France, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, USA, Russia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, EU, and representatives from UN and the Arab League.


For more informations please download the Brochure


What is included in the participation fee?

  •  Preparatory course
  •  Hotel stay
  •  Breakfast
  •  All meetings and activities listed in the itinerary
  •  Certification of participation

What is not included in the participation fee?

  •  Round-trip airfare to/from Tunis
  •  Lunches and dinners
  • Support and cost to obtain Visa
  •  Museum fees
  •  Airport-hotel transfers and short city transfer

The goal of eastwest European Institute is to involve students, selected on merit, providing them with specialized training, finalized to a career in diplomacy, international affairs, advocacy and international business.

EWEI scholarship credits will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Previous participation to an EWEI or Associazione Diplomatici course;
  • University grade point average of 27/30 or equivalent;
  • Interview on general knowledge of International relations;
  • English language at C1 level;
  • Single – income family.

It will not be asked any documents to prove the indicated criteria, but we will count on the responsible statements of the candidates.

The Institute will eventually ask for certificates only randomly.


Within 48 hours from the interview, candidates who pass this phase of the application process will receive:

  •  confirmation of the success of their application
  •  indication of the moneraty value of any scholarship credit awarded
  •  additional instructions to complete the enrollment process.

To participate to the Study Mission, candidates must successfully pass a selection interview. Selection criteria will include the candidate’s motivation to participate in the program, their interest in international relations and a good level of English.

Interview results will be communicated to the applicants within 48 hours.

Candidates who successfully pass the interview will receive the Study Mission Contract via the email address indicated on their application form.

The student undertakes to pay the amount referred to in the contract (net of the scholarship awarded), by paying the above amount to the following bank details within 72 hours of subscription:

Wire transfers should be sent according to the following instructions:

  •  Wires sent to:

UNICREDIT Bank S.p.A. – account number: IBAN IT 23 T 0200 8032 92000104987144

  •  Beneficiary: “European Diplomacy” (the operative company of the EWEI Institute)
  •  Transfer Funds for: “First and Last Name of the participant, Down payment WiP Tunis 2022
  •  Proof of Wire Transfer sent to [email protected]

Any bank charges related to the cost of the transfer are charged to the student.

It is possible (upon request) to pay in installments the cost of participation. The installment payment method for the student will take place only via Wire transfer.



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For additional information about Study Mission Tunis and how to participate, contact:

Email: [email protected]

Phone (+39) 06 811 57 586

Web: www.ew-ei.eu


Download the Brochure – Study Mission Tunis 2022

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