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The WiP – Study Missions are part of an innovative training format designed to offer to university students the unique opportunity to deal with today’s most pressing challenges in international relations, going beyond what they have been learning during their academic career.

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The Gulf state of Qatar has reached a significant global profile in the recents years. Once one of the poorest Gulf States, Qatar is now one of the richest countries in the region and the world’s larger exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The Qatar diplomatic crisis, which broke out in June 2017, when Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt boycotted trade with Qatar by imposing a “land, sea, and air blockade”. It has significantly affected the movement of goods within the Middle East. In addition, several other countries broke or reduced the level of their diplomatic relations with Qatar.

The embargo, that is still in place today, came after Qatar did not comply with the other nations’ ultimatum, among which cutting all ties with Iran, with whom Qatar shared the world’s largest LNG field,  and stop all trade unauthorised by U.S. sanctions.

In January 2019, as a strategic response to the embargo, Qatar pulled out of OPEC, reinforcing the country’s autonomy from its Persian Gulf neighbors, and in particular Saudi Arabia.

The goal of the Study Mission is to allow participants to open their minds and leave the pre-existing narrative behind.

In particular, this project will help students to understand the importance of diplomatic relations between countries and how they are directly linked to their economic ties.
Participants will elaborate analysis on controversial topics: economic crisis and sanctions, terrorism, financial crisis.

The stay in Qatar will also be a unique opportunity to interact with Qatar’s ruling class. By the end of the program, participants will have gained a deeper understanding of the motivations and consequences of the embargo imposed on Qatar.
We will try to understand how Qatar’s political tie with Iran has determined the blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt in 2017 as well as the rational behind the decision to leave OPEC.

Participants will also have the opportunity to discover the importance and the full impact of Qatar’s cultural and sports diplomacy, discovering why a small country can be so valuable both in the Gulf region and at international level.

The structure of the WiP – Study Mission is divided in three parts:

•   A webinar course held by experts, specialized in Qatar and Middle East history, organized in 4 lessons between November 4 and 22, with special focus on the recent history of Qatar (the isolation of the State, the embargo, its relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran, the withdrawal from OPEC);

•   In Doha, 7 days of meetings with Qatari public/private-sector representatives, diplomats, experts, professors, opinion makers;

•   Simulation of Diplomatic negotiations on “The diplomatic isolation of Qatar: seeking ways out”.
Participants will represent the states of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Italy, EU, USA and Russia.

•   Site-visits to historically important Qatari locations, both from a religious-cultural standpoint, and from a social-political point of view.


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What is included in the participation fee?

  •  Preparatory course
  •  Hotel stay
  •  Breakfast
  •  All meetings and activities listed in the itinerary
  •  Certification of participation

What is not included in the participation fee?

  •  Round-trip airfare to/from Doha
  •  Lunches and dinners
  •  City tours & Museum fees
  •  Airport-hotel transfers and short city transfer

The goal of eastwest European Institute is to involve students, selected on merit, providing them with specialized training, finalized to a career in diplomacy, international affairs, advocacy and international business.

EWEI scholarship credits will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Previous participation to an EWEI or Associazione Diplomatici course;
  • University grade point average of 27/30 or equivalent;
  • Interview on general knowledge of International relations;
  • English language at C1 level;
  • Single – income family.

It will not be asked any documents to prove the indicated criteria, but we will count on the responsible statements of the candidates.

The Institute will eventually ask for certificates only randomly.


Within 48 hours from the interview, candidates who pass this phase of the application process will receive:

  •  confirmation of the success of their application
  •  indication of the moneraty value of any scholarship credit awarded
  •  additional instructions to complete the enrollment process.

To participate to the WiP – Study Mission, candidates must successfully pass a selection interview. Selection criteria will include the candidate’s motivation to participate in the program, their interest in international relations and a good level of English.

Interview results will be communicated to the applicants within 48 hours.

Candidates who successfully pass the interview will receive the Wip – Study Mission Service Contract via the email address indicated on their application form.

The WiP – Study Mission Service Contract, which shall be completed and signed by the selected party, must be return within 72 hours of receipt, together with proof of payment by wire transfer of a € 250 down payment to guarantee the participation.

This down payment of € 250 will be subtracted from the balance still to be paid by the participant.

Wire transfers should be sent according to the following instructions:

  •  Wires sent to:

UNICREDIT Bank S.p.A. – account number: IBAN IT 23 T 0200 8032 92000104987144

  •  Beneficiary: “European Diplomacy” (the operative company of the EWEI Institute)
  •  Transfer Funds for: “First and Last Name of the participant, Down payment WiP Doha 2019
  •  Proof of Wire Transfer sent to [email protected]



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For additional information about the Study Mission Doha and how to participate, contact:

Email: [email protected]

Phone (+39) 373/7607944

Web: www.ew-ei.eu


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