september 2022
Summer Schools

Model EU Brussels – September 2022


Start date: 21.09.2022
End date: 23.09.2022

Duration: 3 days



The EWEI Model EU Brussels is an intensive course conducted by the Eastwest European Institute in partnership with Associazione Diplomatici.

The main goal of the course is to make participants learn more about the functioning of the main European institutions’ thanks to direct experience of the ordinary EU legislative procedure with the learning by doing method.

The course consists of:

  • Online preparatory webinars: 25-29 July / 05 – 16 September 2022
  • EU Institutions visits in Brussels: 20 September 2022 (optional)
  • Simulation in Brussels:  21 – 23 September 2022




In the months preceding the simulation, the students will take part in around 10 online preparatory webinars of an hour and a half each. The webinars will be held in the period, July 25-29 and September 5 – 16. The exact calendar of the webinars will be available in late June.

In this way, students will have the opportunity to have a complete understanding of the policies adopted by the Member States and political parties and thus be ready to put into practice the knowledge acquired.

Moreover, the knowledge of the functioning of the European institutions, techniques of public speaking, and negotiation processes will be deepened during the webinars.

Remote activities are guaranteed by the use of Zoom®, a powerful tool that lets you experience a fun and highly interactive virtual experience.


On September 20, 2022, students will be able to visit some EU Institutions in Brussels. More information is coming soon.


On the 21, 22, and 23 of September, simulations of the three major European institutions will be held in Brussels, with the aim of providing students with complete knowledge of the decision-making process of the European Union.

Each participant will be called to represent a member of Parliament or to take on the role of Minister of the Council of the EU to confront other European and international students on issues related to EU – Turkey relations and draft legislative proposals on relevant topics.



Participation fee

The participation fee is € 295 + 22% VAT provides for:

  • Online webinars on EU history, EU institutions, and EU-Turkey relations
  • A set of encompassing materials to allow you to master background knowledge efficiently
  • Live Q&As session
  • A certificate of participation

The EU institutions’ visits are free of charge since the EU does not require any fee for the activities made inside the European institutions.

In order to access pedagogical materials, participants should make an annual subscription to the eastwest online geopolitical magazine for a reduced fee of €5/year.


Roma Tre University 

For the students currently enrolled in the degree programs of Roma Tre University EWEI reserves a 20% discount on the total fee.



English level B2 to participate in the discussion. Certificates by home university are accepted.

The Model EU is open to university-level students as well as young professionals in any field of study.


Open lesson

Participate in the open lesson held by the Council of the European Union on April 28 at 4.00 pm! During this lesson, an official from the Council of the EU will explain in detail how the EU institutions and the EU legislative process work.

You will have the chance to ask and solve all your doubts about the complexity of the European Union.

To participate, please fill in the following form by April 18.

Participation in the open lesson is free of charge.

How to apply

In order to apply, the students should kindly fill in the registration form.

Otherwise, the student can request an interview in order to get more information –> click here


Lena Anna Kuklińska, awarded Honorable Mention of the Model EU

Model EU Brussels gave me more than I had anticipated. Thanks to the comprehensive preparatory course, I learnt much about China-EU relations. When I was signing up, I expected to meet like-minded or inspiring people from around Europe and learn about the procedures of the trilogue. But already on the first day, I realised that I was participating in something that not only was very educational but at the same time simply fun. It was an opportunity for me to train speaking to a large audience and learn how to act on behalf of people/politicians with who I might disagree. It was a unique experience, and I recommend it to all young people who strive towards a career in politics, activism, public relations, geopolitics, etc.

Marlon Husmann, awarded Best Delegation of the Model EU

“During MEU Brussels, I had a great time with many different students from across Europe and beyond. This conference with its unique focus on EU policy making really taught me about the challenges that we are facing – internally and externally. Reading about how the EU functions and putting theoretic knowledge to practice during this conference taught me a lot. There are only few opportunities like MEU Brussels where we are gathering to develop public speaking skills, a deep understanding of European politics and the craft of negotiating in one setting, under one theme. Apart from learning and deepening my skills in the aforementioned field, I made many new connections. This conference has left a lasting impression on me and it will help me to foster my future career options.”

Davide Bertot, awarded Best Participant of the Model EU

Participating in the Model EU – Bruxelles organized by EWEI and Associazione Diplomatici has been an unforgettable experience. A simulation of the parliamentary work of the European Union may sound like something for insiders, but it has really been an opportunity to challenge ourselves, to discover our attitudes and abilities surrounded by talented and knowledgeable people, and to see what making decisions and facing conflicting opinions really mean. The possibility to engage in this fields while being in one one the great European capitals and following the steps and advice of real experts has been priceless and really formative. And doing it with almost 200 people from all over Europe of such high stature has made this a truly inspiring and stimulating experience, urging me to give my best and live up to the level I’ve seen before me. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone looking to work in politics and diplomacy, but also to all those who believe in the European project and want to see the EU thrive.

Marco Possenti, awarded Honorable Mention of the Model EU

Being part of this thrilling experience gave me a great deal of fun and personal growth. Having a background as a law student, this Model was for me a chance to deepen my knowledge of EU institutions and, most importantly, a glimpse of what negotiations and political debates are about. At first, I was scared to not fit the situation as my colleagues were much more prepared to face this kind of experience than I was. Thanks to them and my colleague George, I built ever-increasing confidence that made me eventually succeed to represent the Republic of Bulgaria within the Council of the EU. Regardless of what background you have or what role you will play, there is always a margin of personal development, especially if you work closely with your team. A great experience I would definitely recommend!

Pavlos Xeniadis, awarded Best MEP of the Model EU

Participating in Model EU Brussels has been a life-changing experience for me. As a law student I have always been really interested in European Institutions and European politics. This model was the best possible way to gather first-hand knowledge on the institutions and politics within the European Union. Not only did I learn more about EU, but, most importantly, I learned that while participating. Model EU was the perfect combination of lectures and real-life practicing. Attending some very detailed and useful lectures was followed by participating in a decision-making body. That unique experience has been a landmark in my life. Reflecting back on it I feel really happy I was part of something so interesting, so knowledge and experience enriching, while I got the chance to meet so many nice and interesting people whom I now count as friends. I would wholeheartedly recommend joining Model EU to anyone interested in European Law and politics.


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