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Europe Talks webinar series

A monthly webinar series to discuss cutting edge research in the field of EU affairs.

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How to join us?

Europe Talks is a webinar series open to students and alumni of EWEI EU-related courses.

Once a month, a prominent scholar presents his or her most recent publications in the field of EU affairs to our students. EWEI participants are allowed into the Zoom room, while external attendees can follow the session on Facebook live on the EWEI Facebook page.

Professors from top-rank universities (such as Sciences Po Paris, College of Europe in Bruges and Natolin, LUISS University, City University London) as well as practitioners are contributing to the programme.

The programme of the monthly webinar is announced on the EWEI Facebook page and via email to the EWEI students.

All the sessions are held in English. The videos of past sessions are available on the EWEI Facebook page

October 2020: Encounter with Minister Nicola Verola. Presentation of the book  Il punto d’incontro. Il negoziato nell’Unione Europea, Luiss University Press, 2020

November 2020: Conference by Prof. Francesco Saraceno, to present his book La riconquista; Perché abbiamo perso l’Europa e come possiamo riprendercela, LUISS University Press, 2020

December 2020: Conference by Prof. Paolo Guerrieri, following his contribution to : Europa e sfide globali – La svolta del Green Deal e del digitale, Eurolink University, 2020

January 2021: Meeting with Prof. Peter Van Kemseke to discuss his book: Europe Reinvented: How COVID-19 Is Changing the European union. Boeklyn, 2020

February 2021: Encounter with Dr Adrienne Yong, to present her Working paper: The future of EU citizenship status during crisis – is there a role for fundamental rights protection? London, UK: City Law School, City, University of London .

April 2021: Presentation by Prof. Fabbrini (Dublin City University) of his book Brexit and the Future of the European Union, Oxford University Press, 2020.

May 2021: Dr. Grace Kageni Mbungu (IASS, Postdam) and Mrs Kerstin Opfer (Germanwatch) will discuss their policy brief on EU-Africa Policy.

June 2021: A special session with the European Council of Foreign Relations will be dedicated to their pan-European poll ‘Europe int the World‘ on what kind of global actor European citizens want the EU to be.

If you are currently enrolled for an EWEI EU-related course, or have attended one in the past, email [email protected] in order to receive your credentials to join the Zoom room and be informed of the programme of the series.

If you are an external student, you can follow every session live on our Facebook page.

If you are a publisher or a scholar willing to advertise your publications during one of our session, you can email [email protected] to submit your proposal.


For additional information about Europe Talks webinar series and how to participate, contact:

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.ew-ei.eu