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Change The World Model United Nations (CWMUN) & Economic Diplomacy – NYC Summer Edition 2022

CWMUN & Economic Diplomacy

Step 1: Online Webinars

Step 2: New York

How to partecipate

Conference conclusions

Change the World – Model United Nations (CWMUN) is an opportunity to grow, a unique event in which students, political leaders, sports champions and geopolitical experts gather to discuss about future cooperation and sustainability. The top 100 students enrolled to CWMUN will have the chance to enrich the experience participating to EWEI Economic Diplomacy, an exclusive training experience designed to offer the opportunity to discover and explore the world of economic diplomacy and to understand the dynamics behind the choices of public actors and private multinational private companies.

In a highly interconnected world, the study of fundamental economic dynamics has become a crucial feature in order to understand diplomatic relations, where public and private interests are inextricably linked. 

The project is based on the “learning by doing” approach, which is the leitmotif of all training activities organized by the Eastwest European Institute (EWEI).

When: June 2022

Where: Zoom Platform

Step 1 – CWMUN Summer Edition Training Course (16 hours):

  • 2 Masterclasses held by Experts from Associazione Diplomatici;
  • Delegate Course: 6 meetings aimed at explaining functioning and dynamics of the CWMUN simulation (including public speaking, negotiation, UN system, writing skills and research)

Step 2 – EWEI Economic Diplomacy Training Course (12 hours): 

  • Reserved to the best 100 students enrolled;
  • 2 Masterclasses on Multilateral Diplomacy;
  • 4 technical meetings on the operating dynamics of the Board of Directors of a multinational company



After acquiring the necessary knowledge during the online sessions, students will fly to New York City, thanks to merit-based grants provided by Associazione Diplomatici and EWEI.

Participants will enjoy free participation to CWMUN simulation, including access to Conference venues, attendance to meetings and ceremonies included in the program and free participation to Economic Diplomacy simulation, inclusive of guided visit of the HQs of the companies involved. 

Students selected for Economic Diplomacy module will be divided in small groups and each group will be hosted by one of the innovative companies involved for a guided Executive Board Simulation. 

  • Bloomberg: Multinational company operating in the mass media sector with headquarters in New York and branches worldwide.
  • Philip Morris International: World leader in the cigarette and tobacco sector, actively engaged towards more sustainable business solutions.
  • Pepsico: American multinational company specializing in food, snacks and drinks.
  • Financial Time: Main economic-financial newspaper of the United Kingdom and one of the oldest, most authoritative and widely read in the world.
  • Unicredit: One of the leading European global banking and financial services company.
  • Citigroup: American multinational corporation of investment banks and financial services companies.

In order to participate in the CWMUN NYC Conference it is necessary to apply online and face a selection interview with the staff members of Change the World. Selected candidates are given the opportunity to enroll and attend the entire training course (preliminary webinar course + CWMUN Conference in New York). All eligible applicants can take advantage of merit-based grant sponsored by Associazione Diplomatici and EWEI. The 100 best students enrolled will have the chance to participate in Economic Diplomacy program for free!

Download the brochure and discover the program!

The closing ceremony at the United Nations General Assembly for Change the World Model UN & Economic Diplomacy – NYC Summer Edition 2022.


For additional information, please contact:

Email:  [email protected] or [email protected]

Phone: (+39) 351 780 0063