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Model European Union

Eastwest Online Model European Union

Become a protagonist of the European Parliament

Start date: 10.11.2020
End date: 13.11.2020

Duration: 4 days

The EWEI Intensive Training Course in EU Affairs

The Eastwest European Institute Intensive Training Course in EU Affairs is a package of experiences to be attended and combined at will by its participants.

Each of them is invited to pick and choose which course or series of courses to attend that fit both his or her calendar and favourite learning approach.

The project offers:

An online component. Get to know the EU from home through our Online Model EU (10-13 November 2020);

One or more onsite learning-by-doing exercise to pick from:

-The Model EU Strasbourg (25-27 January 2021),

-The Model EU Brussels (17-19 May 2021).

-The World in Progress study mission to Brussels (5-8 July 2021),

The Online Model EU

The Online Model EU is a fully remote role-playing simulation of European politics which provides its participants with an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of the European Parliament’s and the European Council’s role and functioning.

It is organised by the Eastwest European Institute (EWEI) with the support of the Associazioni Diplomatici, two Italian organisations specialised in learning-by-doing trainings in the field of international politics.


The Online Model EU 2020 will be based on real works and debates held recently in the European parliament and within the European Council on the theme of the Next Generation EU fund for recovery.

The highly topical theme will be able to develop an up to date understanding of the internal dynamics of the European institutiosn and of the current challenges the European Union is facing.

Training course

In order to become a real e-delegate, you will be able to follow our online course, held in English. The course consists of 4 online webinars and offers a general overview of the  role and structure of the European Union together with a training on the technical aspects of the simulation, providing the knowledge and skills needed to successfully join this experience.

EWEI will also make available its specially designed online training platform to the participants, with access to training and background materials to support their preparation.



Between the 10 and the 13 November 2020, participants will gather through online tools to role-play the vote of a resolution of the European Parliament or to conduct a negotiation within the European Council on the setting up of the Next Generation EU proposal.

Participants will have to negotiate as a real Member of the European Parliament of heads of states would in order to get consensus both within their political groups and between groups, and get their project approved. Remote activities are guaranteed by the use of Zoom®, a powerful tool that let you experience a fun and highly interactive virtual experience.

Registered addresses from President David Sassoli, incumbent president of the European Parliament and Professor Enrico Letta, former Italian prime minister and president of the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris will be broadcasted to the participants.

Vice-president of the European Parliament Fabio Massimo Castaldo will meet the participants live during the Opening Ceremony, while Aleksander Kwasniewski (President of the Republic of Poland from 1995-2005, to be confirmed) will in turn join the Closing Ceremony of the Online Model EU.

Participation fee

Participation fees is 155€ and provides for:

● Model EU Virtual Edition registration fees
● Access to the EWEI E-learning Platform
● Access to the webinars with the EWEI tutors
● Access to the simulation tools
● Model EU E-Certificate of attendance
● Customer service

In order to access pedagogical materials, participants subscribe to the Eastwest online geopolitical magazine for a reduced fee of 5€ (instead of 12€).

The Model EU Online is part of the EWEI Intensive Training Course in EU Affairs and its fee will be deducted from the onsite experience participants choose the attend.

For further information check the Brochure of the EWEI Intensive Training Course in EU Affairs.

Selection procedure

In order to apply for the exercise:

  1. Fill in the online application form on the dedicated web page;
  2. Indicate your availability (date and time) to take the interview directly
    on the platform;
  3. Take the selection interview in English via Skype;
  4. If the outcome is positive, you will be able to proceed with the
    registration and payment of the participation fee for the project.





Formal requirements

The Model EU Virtual Edition is open to university level students as well as young professionals.

No language certification is requested  when registering to the Online Model EU, but it is good to keep in mind that the entire activity is held in English. It is therefore necessary to have written and oral interaction skills.


Technical requirements 

As the simulation is carried out remotely,  before registering it is necessary to check that you have an internet connection and one (or more) devices capable of supporting the functioning of the tools you will need to interact with us.
Minimum connection requirements & signal strength between 800kbps and 1.0Mbps
Recommended connection requirements & signal strength greater than or equal to 3.0 Mbps
Essential hardware: Desktop or notebook computer (Win or Mac) with webcam and microphone.
Additional hardware: 2018 Smartphone or tablet onwards (Android or IOs)


Henry Robinson, awarded Best Delegate of the Online Model EU (1st edition)

Participating in the EWEI virtual model EU was a thrilling experience. The EWEI created a unique platform where I could put my academic knowledge in political science into practice, as well as meet over 100 like minded participants. The simulation has equipped me with an in depth understanding of The EU’s institutions, as well as the ability to analyse several negotiating positions and arrive at a final agreed resolution. The EWEI also gave me the opportunity to engage with high profile figures in the field of European politics such as president of the European parliament David Sassoli. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone looking to build a career in politics and public policy. A brilliant experience with amazing people!

Ada Gavrila, Honorable mention of the Online Model EU (1st edition)

From my point of view, the Model European Union Online 2020 has been definitively an amazing experience. Even though it has been the first time that such an event has been organized by the EWEI, I have noticed since the beginning that the whole staff is very well-organized and I admire their hard work and dedication to this project.

Héctor Peña Pedrero, Honorable mention of the Online Model EU (1st edition)

Joining the Model EU organised by Eastwest European Institute gave me the opportunity to become familiar with the internal and political affairs of the European Parliament, in a simulation that provides you an accurate immersion into the elected chamber for the representatives of the Member States. Definitely, an experience that is worth and recommended.

Monica Richards, Honorable mention of the Online Model EU (1st edition)

I walk away from this course with a much deeper insight into the integral functionings of the European Parliament. You gain a multifaceted perspective: your assigned country’s values, as well as your party’s. I felt supported throughout both on a logistical and theoretical front, and it was brilliant working and connecting with so many like-minded individuals. I look forward to participating in future events!

T.J. Toomey, Honorable mention of the Online Model EU (1st edition)

The Model Online EU was a fantastic experience. It was a great way to learn the about the European parliament. It gave me an opportunity to work alongside knowledgeable, supportive and ambitious people. I was honoured to be chairman of the Identity and Democracy Group (I.D.G), and have the best delegate on our team. My approach to the work of chairman was to ensure that everyone could contribute as I believe it leads to greater enjoyment for all. The main reason I decided to participate in this project was because it appealed to my sense of adventure. In fact, it even went beyond my expectations. My political stance is more centre left, so it was quite a leap for me to position myself to the right wing politics of I .D.G. The experience has opened my eyes to the world beyond my island of Ireland.

Nolan Roffelsen, Honorable mention of the Online Model EU (1st edition)

The Model European Union Online 2020 was a very rewarding experience for me. I had the opportunity to have a foretaste of a field that interests me and to get in contact with likeminded people. I appreciated that the Eastwest European Institute was able to provide us with a very well organised experience even though it was the first online edition. Overall it gave me a lot of understanding about the working of the European Union and an opportunity to improve various skills. I decided to also partake in the upcoming live edition in Brussels.

Sara Maniar, Honorable mention of the Online Model EU (1st edition)

It was a great pleasure to have taken part in the first Online Model EU conference. Students came together in order to address socio-economic and environmental issues faced by Europe in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. EWEI has given me knowledge of the workings of the EU, confidence in taking part in group discussions and debates and it has provided me with the opportunity to form new friendships and connections with like-minded individuals.

Xavier Atkins, Honorable mention of the Online Model EU (1st edition)

The EWEI Model EU was an incredible experience. I must admit, I was originally concerned that discussions would be stilted and that it would be difficult to really engage with people I had never met before over Zoom, but this fear was soon laid to rest. I was more than able to communicate with the rest of my team, I felt that I was always able to contribute to discussions, the structure and layout of the proceedings were always abundantly clear, and I was able to do all this without a commute and from the comfort of my own home. Don’t think for a moment that this is a mere online replication, the model is very much its own thing and if you’re willing to put in the work it truly is very rewarding

Johanna Kuhn, Honorable mention of the Online Model EU (1st edition)

The Model EU online has dramatically improved my communication skills: I have gained an invaluable experience in public speaking and I have also had the opportunity to draft parts of a highly technical legal document, a European Parliament Resolution. On top of that I have extraordinarily expanded my network, meeting incredibly qualified young people from all corners of Europe. I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in learning how the European Union’s Institutions work.

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EWEI Intensive Training Course in EU Affairs

Each participant is invited to pick and choose which course or series of courses to attend that fit both his or her calendar and favourite learning approach.

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The project offers:

An online component. Get to know the EU from home through our Online Model EU (10-13 November 2020);

One or more onsite learning-by-doing exercise to pick from:

-The Model EU Strasbourg (25-27 January 2021),

-The Model EU Brussels (17-19 May 2021).

-The World in Progress study mission to Brussels (5-8 July 2021),

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