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Model European Union

Eastwest Model European Union Strasbourg

To be protagonists of the Council, Commission and European Parliament decision-making processes

Start date: 25.01.2021
End date: 27.01.2021

Duration: 3 days

What is it about

The EWEI Model EU Strasbourg is a project conducted by the Eastwest European Institute in partnership with Associazione Diplomatici in which university students and recent graduates with the most varied and multicultural background are invited to rethink the concept of Europe by proposing and discussing their own ideas and solutions on current issues by taking on the role of Commissioners, Council members and Parliamentarians, thus building for the future a network of young professionals with a strong awareness of European values.

The main goal of the project is to make participants learn more about the functioning of the main European institutions thanks to direct experience of the ordinary EU legislative procedure, the “Trilogue”, with the learning by doing method.


Each participant will be called to represent a member of Parliament or to take on the role of EU Commissioner or Minister of the Council of the EU to confront other European and international students on issues of crucial importance for the European agenda and draft legislative proposals on relevant topics.

The goal is to identify the three priority projects on which to focus efforts to draw “The future of Europe”.

Training course

In the months preceding the simulation, the delegates will take part in a training course held online through an e-learning platform.

In particular, they will take part in a series of meetings held by experts, journalists from the eastwest magazine and diplomats.

In this way, students will have the opportunity to have a complete understanding of the policies adopted by the Member States and political parties and thus be ready to put into practice the knowledge acquired.

The knowledge of the functioning of the European institutions will be deepened, a focus will be placed on the “Trilogue” and on the techniques of public speaking and diplomatic negotiations.

The online course and all communications with the staff will be held in English, the official language of the project.


On the 25, 26 and 27 of October, simulations of the three major European institutions and the “Trilogue” will be held in the offices of the European Union in Strasbourg, with the aim of providing students with complete knowledge of the decision-making process of the European Union.

The “Trilogue” refers to a consultation between the Parliament, the Commission and the Council of the EU on legislative proposals, aimed at reaching a common final position.

Participation fee

What is included in the participation fee?

  •  Online course
  •  Management of all the meetings and activities listed in the program
  •  Teaching materials
  •  Certification of participation

What is not included in the participation fee?

  •  Flight to/from Brussels
  •  Airport – Hotel and city transfers
  •  Hotel
  •  Meals
Requirements & Selection Procedures

Participation requirements

  •  ongoing or completed university studies
  •  B2 level of English

Selection procedures

1.  online pre-registration

2.  skype interview to be booked on a dedicated software

3.  reception of an e-mail with the  outcome of the interview

4. payment of the participation fee  within the next two working days from the reception of the e-mail

UNICREDIT Bank S.p.A. – account number: IBAN IT 23 T 0200 8032 92000104987144

Beneficiary: “European Diplomacy” (the operative company of the EWEI Institute)

Transfer Funds for: “First and Last Name of the participant, Down payment Model EU Strasbourg 2021

Proof of Wire Transfer sent to



Lorenzo Caltabiano

Utrecht University | Italy
Study Mission Istanbul

Cecilia Paone

Torvergata University - Rome | Italy
Study Mission Istanbul

Raffaella Novacco

Cesare Alfieri - Florence University | Italy
Study Mission Istanbul

Arianna Pepponi

Luiss Guido Carli University - Rome | Italy
Study Mission Qatar

Lucia - Costanza - Riccardo

Economic Diplomacy

Maria Dolores Schiavone

Study Mission Washington D.C.

Kalkidan Veronesi

Bocconi University - Milan | Italy
Economic Diplomacy
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