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Model EU – Berlin National Simulation

The EWEI Model EU is a cycle of simulations of the main European institutions’ proceedings.

Main Topic

Preparation courses

Partecipation fees

Reward motivation

Participation requirements & Selections

The participants to the EWEI-MEU will be called to work on the issue of migration and, more specifically, on the rethinking of the Common European Asylum System.

The documents discussed during the simulation will be:

BerlinEU Resettlement Framework

For those who want to have a more complete experience of the EU ordinary legislative procedure, EWEI offers the opportunity to take part in the next step of the project in Brussels.

The participants will take part in preparatory webinar courses, held on an e-learning Platform.

The training course will deepen the knowledge of the functioning of the European institutions; lectures will study the historical evolution of European migration policies, analyze the main legislative documents on asylum, learn the rules of procedure of the European Parliament and refine their public speaking techniques.


Date: March 2019

One national simulation: € 180

The cost includes:

  • 2 days simulation of the Committee LIBE of the EU Parliament proceedings, that will take place in Berlin
  • Online preparation course (10 hours)
  • Training material
  • Certificate of participation

The cost DOES NOT include meals, accommodation and travel expenses.

The best 5 students of national simulation will have the possibility to simulate the Council of the EU during the second phase that will take place in Brussels, without registration fees;

The best students will have the opportunity to do interviews for internships with our corporate partners

Participation requirements

  •  ongoing or completed university studies
  •  B2 level of English

Selection procedures

1.  online pre-registration

2.  skype interview to be booked on a dedicated software

3.  reception of an e-mail with the  outcome of the interview

4. payment of the participation fee  within the next two working days from the reception of the e-mail (step 3)


For additional information about Model EU – Berlin National Simulation and how to participate, contact:

Email: [email protected]

Phone (+39) 06 811 57 949

Web: www.ew-ei.eu


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